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We Are Ready to Open - Bigger and Better Than Before!

And by 'before' we mean, BD or 'Before Dorian'! Almost two years ago now, at the start of September 2019, Hope Town suffered perhaps its worst and most destructive hurricane, reaching past the upper scale of a Cat 5. Almost the whole of the island was damaged to some degree, many homes lost, many severely damaged.

The Community Center was one of the buildings hit hard by one of the many tornadoes within the hurricane. After the initial shock and clean-up, we surveyed the damage and came up with a plan to re-build. But more than that, we were going to enlarge the main hall, something we had planned to do in later years as use grew. Well, the growth in numbers of people using the Center even in the first 3 years, and the fact that we had to demolish the North wall in any case, provided the silver-lining to the storm. We could re-build and expand our space, adding a special stage area and storage rooms, for not much more cost than a simple re-build.

Paul Thompson, with assist from Monica Cook, took on the daunting task of getting financing. Paul also took on the challenging job of project manager. Despite the many hurdles related to supplies, labour, and shut-downs due to the COVID-19 situation, Paul brought the project to completion.

The Center is now bigger and better and more beautiful than ever before. The outside looks amazing thanks to the efforts and dedication of Michael Myers, our landscaper. We also have our many donors to thank, showing how much love and appreciation the Center has gained in its few years of operation and how much people realize the contribution it has made and will make to the vitality and on-going development of the community, for residents and visitors alike.

We've already had a youth summer camp event and Monica is busy planning for a new and exciting season. We are looking at a picnic area on the way to the dunes, a pavilion and outlook at the top of the dunes, and stairs down to the beach. We have plans for a cafe, youth activities, music events, and more! The re-birth of the Center after Dorian is a part of the great story of the resilience an dedication of all those living and visiting our island.

If you look at the bird's eye view of Hope Town today you can see the Center just behind the Mission House and beside the old graveyard, almost in the center of the picture and the village. Right where we want to be. At the center of the most beautiful and welcoming place in the world.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the Center!


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